I believe I will blog.

17 06 2010

I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know I’ve decided to actually utilize the blog section of my website.

I was inspired by the rediscovery of my old Livejournal from college. Here’s an entry I found particularly inspiring:

Chelsea’s Livejournal – 12/11/20076-

“i’m reading a book called “the fabric of the cosmos: space, time, and the texture of reality.” i love it. it talks about how basically we all live in our own reality with our own measure of space and time. here’s a passage from the book:

‘Space and time are in the eye of the beholder. Each of us carries our own clock, our own monitor of the passage of time. Each clock is equally precise, yet when we move relative to one another, these clocks do not agree. They fall out of synchronization; they measure different amounts of elapsed time between two chosen events. The same is true of distance. Each of us carries our own yardstick, our own monitor of distance in space. Each yardstick is equally precise, yet when we move relative to one another, these yardsticks do not agree; they measure different distances between the locations of two specified events. If space and time did not behave this way, the speed of light would not be constant and would depend on the observer’s state of motion. But it IS consant; space and time DO behave this way. Space and time adjust themsevles in an exactly compensating manner so that observations of light’s speed yield the same result, regardless of the observer’s velocity.’


i got a manicure yesterday and i got black nailpolish because it’s supposed to be really in right now.  i also bought a tub of icing and have been eating it on wheat thins. “

I’m so multifaceted. Or ADHD. Probably a little from each column.

Set your bookmarks, friends – more SpaceTimeVanityBingeEating to come!



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