Schtick… or Treat?!

29 10 2009

Last night the Second Annual Schtick or Treat, produced by Matt Ruby and Mark Normand went down in Bowery Poetry Club. 30+ NYC comics impersonating 30+ of their fave comedians. We each do 3min sets as the famous comedian of our choice; doing their material, using their mannerisms, etc.

Last year I was Mitch Hedberg –

Mara Herron as Janeane Garofalo and me as Mitch Hedberg, Schtick or Treat 2008

This year I went as my husband, Conan O’Brien –

Abbie Crutchfield as Sinbad (sans mustache), Mark Normand as Johnny Carson and me as Conan O'Brien

In case you want to dress as Conan for Halloween or a Tuesday, here’s a tip:  mullet wig backwards and styled to create the Conan ‘do.



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