17 04 2009

Two Items of Interest for the day:

1) Performed at a really fun show on Wednesday at The Tank in midtown produced by Evan Morgenstern and Jay Hoskins: Switzerland Neutral Comedy. Other performers included my fellow New Young Comedians Co-Producer, Aalap Patel and the always hilarious Mark Normand and Kumail Nanjiani. Their next show is on May 13.


2) New Young Comedians are heading back to Princeton tomorrow to do a show at D-Bar for the grad students! When we performed there  in November we had a great turnout and the University wrote us a nice recommendation.  Aww. Thanks, Princeton! We love you even though you rejected Aalap.


During his set, Matt Ruby had a run-in with a heckler and I after the show ate my weight’s worth in Bagel BitesMark Normand, Raquel D’Apice and Luke Cunningham also joined us.

Tomorrow’s lineup, in addition to myself, Aalap, and Matteson is:
Dan St. Germain
Barry Rothbart
and Jared Logan

Stay tuned for a recap of the NJ antics. Last time we all bunked at Aalap’s brother’s place after the show.

We were not invited back.



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